The Butterfly Release and Remembrance Ceremony is expected to take place about
2:30 -3:00
after the Cookout and Sharing of Potluck and Desserts

The Compassionate Friends East of the River Chapter will host a mass release
of about 100 butterflies on the day of our
Walk To Remember
(weather dependent) 

Butterflies are also available for individual release,
must be ordered and paid for ahead of time, please!
Individual Butterflies will be distributed the day of the WALK.
Quantities of butterflies may be limited,
so orders placed first will have the first availability.

You may also BYOB~ Bring Your Own Butterfly!

(PS  No Matter what Pay Pal might you tell you,
the butterflies are NOT being sent to your home.
Like the T-Shirts, you will receive them the day of The Walk, at The Walk)

These butterflies are hatched and raised locally, at MAGIC WINGS in Deerfield, MA
These are the species that are EXPECTED to be available at the time of the WALK
but sometimes, nature has other plans
(As we all know too well)
It may be possible that we will have to substitute the species
you have requested with another
and apologize ahead of time
should that be necessary.

♥Thanks for your understanding ♥

Buckeye $12
buckeye 4 x 2.5

Painted Ladies $12
painted ladies width=

Swallowtails $12
swallowtail 4 x 2

Mourning Cloak $12
mounrning cloak 4 x 2.5

Monarch $15
monarch 4 x 2.5

Available Butterflies


♥ Butterflies are a symbol of The Compassionate Friends, and are seen as a connection to Renewed Life ~ Hope. The Compassionate Friends embrace the butterfly as a sign of hope that our children and siblings are living in another dimension with greater beauty and freedom. For many it is a belief that we will join with them in renewed life after own our passing from the earth.

♥ The butterfly doesn’t begin by being a butterfly. It emerges after a first life, a “changing death” and a metamorphosis into something free and beautiful. Symbolically, the caterpillar has been thought to be LIFE ON EARTH; the cocoon, DEATH; and the butterfly, EMERGENCE INTO A NEW, BEAUTIFUL MORE FREE EXISTENCE.

♥ Native American legends say that if you have a secret wish, hold a butterfly and whisper your wish to it. Since butterflies cannot speak, your secret is ever safe in their keeping. Release the butterfly, and it will carry your wish. When we release our butterflies during a remembrance ceremony, we send our whispers to our children and siblings, carried on the wings of the butterflies.

♥ In addition to these personal and symbolic butterfly meanings, it’s also important to note that releasing native hatched butterflies is far more environmentally sound that releasing balloons.In fact, in Connecticut it is illegal * to release more than 10 balloons at a time. Many of us feel strongly that we dishonor our deceased family members by breaking the law in their memory.

* Connecticut General Statutes §26-25c states:
No person, nonprofit organization, firm or corporation, including the state and its political subdivisions, shall knowingly release, organize the release of or intentionally cause to be released into the atmosphere within a twenty-four-hour period ten or more helium or other lighter-than-air gas balloons in the state.  Any violation of subsection (a) of this section shall be an infraction. 


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